Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Tension Rising - Team Projects Starting, Bold Idea for #GSP15

2/3 of #GSP14 are now over, and now team projects are on the way. Results, in best case startups that go on just like Getaround, or Matternet, will be presented at the end of the program in August.

What is not over is the live tweet following via Eventifier. Thanks to a quite international crowd spanning from New York City, Poland, Athens to Leipzig, Dresden and the UK a "mini"-crowdfunding ($99) has been successful.

Besides being able to follow the Twitter conversations from NASA Ames Research Center, where Singularity University is based, and not only offers this extensive 10-week course, but also executive trainings for exponential technologies, there is a next bold vision to go beyond the initial step of the crowdfunding:

RAISING $30K TO FUND A PARTICIPANT (FROM "SILICON SAXONY") - running a competition for it in early 2015

Which institution would be interested to host the funding/crowdfunding?

Which 10 (!) individuals would be be willing to invest $2,000 - $3,000 and earn the opportunity to get direct insights into the future as it is created in Silicon Valley?*

Who is interested to be on the design team to create a "SaxonyGSP15PRIZE" (a working title)?

*please get in direct contact via my LinkedIn profile

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