Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Have You Prepared Yourself for the Runway Into the Future?

Dear reader,

perhaps you are just passionate about the future, and once in a while check what has been distilled from the vast activities of Singularity University, and its various faculty members amongst which Eric Ries, Peter Diamandis, John Hagel are just some.

Still interested in not just learning about the future, but actually shaping it together with an increasing number of SU alumni, and a growing global business network?

Get your fingers on the keyboard, create a short 2-minute promotion video about, and fill the application for Singularity University GSP14 (there are full scholarships available as well).

Good luck, and thumbs up!

PS.: More about activities to be found using the hashtag #GSP14 (Twitter, Google+ [not too much traffic there yet], Facebook [the search engine for hashtags seems not to be up to the standards yet]

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