Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

XPRIZE Global Learning Prize - A Bold Next Step

Just this Monday Peter Diamandis, founder and CEO of XPRIZE has announced the XPRIZE Global Learning Prize in New York City. The bold challenge for teams to enter this most ambitious, and broad XPRIZE competition is to develop a mobile solution that makes it possible for kids (and other age groups as well) to get literate in reading, writing and mathematics within 18 months through self-learning. 

A more than ambitious plan to fulfill. Peter's past success list of starting (impossible seeming bold projects) include: 

SEDS Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

ISUNET International Space University (based in Strasbourg, France)

SU Singularity University (based at NASA Ames Research Center, California)

"Abundance - The Future is Better Than You Think" co-written with Steven Kotler

..... and now it is #LearningPrize

 Amazing how the development of Peter's ventures since 1981 (when he founded SEDS together with two classmates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge) has evolved. One of the forces certainly PASSION, and second but not less important the right TEAM, and #ScalingUp Excellence since then (step by step).

To make the #LearningPrize a success beyond imagination please consider supporting their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which has per 2014-09-24 raised already 26% of the $500k funding goal.

Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

A Mission to Bring World Changing Ideas from Singularity University to the World

We are grateful to our supporters from Eventifier, and especially Jazeel and Ty, who not only made a interview possible with us on why, and how the idea with the #GSP14 Twitter conversation capturing emerged. Additionally touching the field in which way this might have a further positive impact on bringing new technologies and approaches to tackle present challenges of humanity to use, and the role technology hubs will play in the future.

.... here you'll find the  interview

Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Tension Rising - Team Projects Starting, Bold Idea for #GSP15

2/3 of #GSP14 are now over, and now team projects are on the way. Results, in best case startups that go on just like Getaround, or Matternet, will be presented at the end of the program in August.

What is not over is the live tweet following via Eventifier. Thanks to a quite international crowd spanning from New York City, Poland, Athens to Leipzig, Dresden and the UK a "mini"-crowdfunding ($99) has been successful.

Besides being able to follow the Twitter conversations from NASA Ames Research Center, where Singularity University is based, and not only offers this extensive 10-week course, but also executive trainings for exponential technologies, there is a next bold vision to go beyond the initial step of the crowdfunding:

RAISING $30K TO FUND A PARTICIPANT (FROM "SILICON SAXONY") - running a competition for it in early 2015

Which institution would be interested to host the funding/crowdfunding?

Which 10 (!) individuals would be be willing to invest $2,000 - $3,000 and earn the opportunity to get direct insights into the future as it is created in Silicon Valley?*

Who is interested to be on the design team to create a "SaxonyGSP15PRIZE" (a working title)?

*please get in direct contact via my LinkedIn profile

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Singularity University GSP14 - The Race is On

The race for the future has just begun, and we are in the 6th round since 2009 - the name of the game is #GSP14 (or Graduate Studies Program for the long lovers). The social space using Twitter and such is already filling up, and the questions comes up, "How to cope with it in an easy hassle-free fashion in order to avoid the "media singularity" turning us over?

Check it out and have a look a look at this crowdfunding experiment that just emerged while following the online-conversations yesterday around #GSP14 and #SingularityU

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Have You Prepared Yourself for the Runway Into the Future?

Dear reader,

perhaps you are just passionate about the future, and once in a while check what has been distilled from the vast activities of Singularity University, and its various faculty members amongst which Eric Ries, Peter Diamandis, John Hagel are just some.

Still interested in not just learning about the future, but actually shaping it together with an increasing number of SU alumni, and a growing global business network?

Get your fingers on the keyboard, create a short 2-minute promotion video about, and fill the application for Singularity University GSP14 (there are full scholarships available as well).

Good luck, and thumbs up!

PS.: More about activities to be found using the hashtag #GSP14 (Twitter, Google+ [not too much traffic there yet], Facebook [the search engine for hashtags seems not to be up to the standards yet]