Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

The Road to the Future Opens -once again- in 2014 #GSP14

Singularity University has opened up the next round of Graduate Studies Programm.


Now it is time to apply for #GSP14 - initial deadline is December 15, 2013 (final deadline January 15, 2014)

Don't get me wrong, myself I also don't own 29,500 $ but I am eager to try the impossible (seeming) - the forth consecutive time since 2011.

Go forward, and if given the choice go for the impossible seeming!!!

PS.: If you happen to be based in Dresden, be invited to join a local #GSP14 group (to be announced later on here)

PPS.: Ray Kurzweil on Singularity University right after the founding at TED - to give an impression what this is all about.

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  1. .... to give some idea what it is about see #GSP13