Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Do something every single day that ...

This year's GSP program at Singularity University has just begun. Its participants, attendees and lectures being already more than active on Twitter and other social networks, showing the power of digital communication technologies.

Even though you might not have made it to NASA Ames Research Center this year (think of applying for it, despite the high boundaries of entering it will be a life-time experience not forgettable).

A single quote from yesterday by 3-times space traveller to ISS Dan Barry thanks to Christine Lim has truly not made my set but has set the tone for any entrepreneurial mind (either at #GSP13 (all tweets from 11/2012 on) currently or anywhere on the globe).

Enjoy the time and bring your BEST out to the PUBLIC GOOD.

Cheers, Ralf

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