Samstag, 24. November 2012

Hacking - Tech Innovation into Social Innovation

Today I am feeling like a therapist not reaching the client's inner needs, however seeing the huge potential that is just about to emerge out of him. In this case the client is not a person, as you might suspect. It is a much larger entity, still persons play a major role in it.

Photo by @AngieIncampo
A couple of days I watched Mitch Altman's TEDxBrussels talk, and something struck my mind, "Maybe you're not as crazy, people often tell me. Taking opportunities as they wind up, as tiny, and impossible as they might look like - that is just ME. A field of blossoming flowers does not come up over night! So it got to WE to make the "impossible" reality!".

As Peter Diamandis has said several times when interviewed, or giving speeches, on the question, "How did you manage to get the Ansari x Prize going, without even having the millions of $$$ for the prize purse!"

"I gathered a crowd of folks of super credibility, and announced the event in front of the media!"

.... and accumulated to what Salim Ismail talked about at the Foresight Conference 2010 (see last talk on the page), Singularity University, and how it came about.

The PRESENTATION (public) can be viewed here, and shall be the visual role model to what is still come.

Best for now from Dresden, wishing you all a terrific, and inspiring time


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