Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

TAM Technology Acceleration Machine

"Advancing Technology for Humanity" - it could have very well been the very first slide at Singularity University's introduction day, yet it has been the motto of this years IEEE Technology Time Machine 2012 taking place in the beautiful city of Dresden.
Imagine technologies, and their impact beyond 2020 is the aim of this newly formed symposium that has brought together leading people in their field in Dresden. It is not by sheer coincidence that Dresden has been chosen as this year's venue. Despite the fact that it is not comparable with Hong Kong (last year), Dresden's high-tech community builds upon a legacy of 800 years of engineering in Saxony being birthed by silver mining (German, 1168 official start of mining in the area) engineers in the early 13th century.

While attending over the course of three days most interesting connections happened to come up, even though some of them really short, and yet the short message service Twitter enabled the engineering crowd to connect easily via the shown official symposium hashtag #IEEETTM.

One of the most memorable moments was meeting the group of YFEL_MI from Masdar Institute of Science and Technology which brought the spirit of the Middle East which I encountered during the 3rd  SoL Global Forum 2008 in Oman. With GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 1 based in Dresden-Wilschdorf just on the edge of Dresden city, and in the field of cutting-edge semiconductor technology, there are more connections to Abu Dhabi, and the region than currently obvious. Semperoper Ballett's tour to Abu Dhabi Art Festival in the beginning of April just another connection.

Not doing one thing, one might think (attending #GSP12) may lead to serendipitous other things (as attending the symposium IEEE Technology Time Machine) - sometimes life decides what has to come next ;-) And the past days for sure were a kind of TAM with meeting the world in Dresden!!!

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