Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Steady Going, Learning Accelerating on the Way

Over the past few days, quite a lot has happened. For an outsider, it may seem tiny, and often not worthwhile. However spontaneous chats on Facebook with Charles Peralo, a young entrepreneur with drive unprecedented, active at the Seasteading Institute, and amazingly active founding new startups. We have talked about Singularity University and its GSP program. His questions and comments fueled my actions to make it happen this summer once more.

Two days ago I once again got in contact with Søren Petersen, a Danish designer based now in Silicon Valley. Burton Lee of Stanford University connected me last year with Søren when I had started together with a photographer based in Dresden, Daniel Scholz, the project InnoBay.

Of course one could think that real business relevant action is driven only by face to face conversation. Not so in my case as I use real-world contacts, conferences, and the opportunities given by the various social networks, and collaboration tools. "If given a choice .... take both!" - a great advice to be found at Peter's Laws.

A short reflection on what has happened so far with about 40 days to go:

What was good? New contacts, surprising opportunities

What was tricky? Time is ticking away, and the purse is (not yet) raising

What have I learned? Attracting financial backers for a unique innovation (attending a 10-week high tech boot camp in the middle of Silicon Valley with all relevant players to meet) even in Dresden and Saxony is a challenge of its own

Next action? OpenCoffeeClubDresden tomorrow once again, still working on the "perfect" pitch, especially as relevant people from the local tech community will probably attend

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