Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

It's the WHY that drives great ideas into being

... and the WHY in my case is: providing a space where people can play to their strengths. Clearly Singularity University is such a space, where for 10 weeks some of the most creative thinking, and ambitious people come together to co-create services, or products that within 10 years effect 1 billion people around the planet in a useful way.

Do these people get funded, and provided with resources one would normally are necessary to achieve such goals? Not quite, they have to bring up by their own (if not winning some of the scholarships due to newly started competitions at universities, and entrepreneurial programs around the world) a "small fee" - $ 25,000.

It is not what the $ 25,000 cost you in money, rather what this amount drives your entrepreneurial mind achieving this impossible looking goal. Even though the financial numbers don't look that promising in my case (roughly 1% of the total amount gathered), the higher is the trust others have in you, and your visions building up an exponential acceleration of what I'd call "Pull of the Entrepreneurial Genius".

The challenge still stays to bring your inner thinking about your vision into words, so others can learn about it, and join in the project. Even though I am not in #GSP12. Stay tuned for more, if interested in what is happening in Dresden.

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