Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

2012-05-10 Turning Point

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Yesterday was sort of a crazy day, more in real life than ever for the last days. Meeting close to Blaues Wunder (a most controversially discussed now beloved bridge crossing the River Elbe) with a long-time business friend. Exploring opportunities together with Angela Incampo on how Italian authenticity can be brought to present-day Dresden which is in large built on visionary artifacts made possible by Italians back in the 18th century.

Later that day a job interview, right on time, smoothly flowing conversation, and opening new opportunities for both sides (even some unexpected).

Shortly back home, restarted for attending another version of Flurgespräche (an innovative conversation format with art pedagogy students, yesterday's event was in tune with #BiblioTech12 at Stanford so I tweeted some under #Flurgespraeche) at Technical University Dresden.

While sitting in the session following the amazing work of the coming art teachers, I got a notice from Singularity University - my heart stopped almost beating. "Should I have the place? What might be the message?"
"Thank you for submitting an application to attend Singularity University's 2012 Graduate Studies Program. While our admissions committee commends you for your accomplishments, we are unable to offer you a place in our 2012 class this summer.
We had a record number of applications this year for the GSP program, and the process of selecting 80 outstanding students was more challenging than ever as a result. We appreciate your interest in Singularity University, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors."
Feeling honored, disappointed, and encouraged to go on at the same time - a real moment in time! And nothing is going to stop me to fulfill my dream back from 2008 :-)

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