Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

A Technology Legacy - HfV Hochschule für Verkehrswesen

Last Monday, DAY 2, of the remaining days on the clock passed, and it was surely a quite different day, as expected. First I got an invite to discuss matters deeper with MPI-CBG on possible screening opportunities of TranscendentMan. Then I got notice of Obscura Day (thanks to the power of Facebook Serendipity), and a visit on Saturday, 28th of April, to visit research labs at MPI-CBG. What an amazing opportunity, not only to see latest research on generative biology, but also to meet relevant people in the field, and open up new connection paths for the Silicon Valley trip. [BTW there are still places available to book for the Saturday tour of the research labs]. In the afternoon a meeting with a relevant person of my former university on how to incorporate my privately initiated alumni group (back from 2007, arose out of the need to get an easier organizing process up and running for student meetings) and bring it jointly together with the challenge to attract supporters to back up my envisioned attendance at SU totally blew my mind!

What used to be the main transportation and information technology institute of the former GDR was transformed into the University of Applied Sciences HTW Dresden exactly 20 years back. Myself I happened to be one of the "early"students studying there Office & Communication Technologies back in the early days of the World Wide Web in 1995-97.

Amazing how the things fall into place - but more on that and the present contributors to the challenge to make the move, and connection with Silicon Valley, and the tech community there possible you'll read in the next post to come soon.

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